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Front cover of Socialist History No 47

ISBN: 9781910448519
ISSN: 0969-4331

Issue 47

This issue of Socialist History continues the international orientation of recent issues. Ehud Manor look at the high point of US socialism, the 1917 mayoral elections in New York, in which the Socialist Party of America candidate Morris Hillquit gained a creditable 22% of the poll. Manor focuses in particular on the role of Jewish voters and their papers and organisations in mobilising Hillquit's electors. Kevin Morgan considers Walter Citrine's delegation to Finland in 1940. At that time Finland enjoyed some sympathy in the British labour movements as a victim of Soviet aggression, sympathy it forfeited soon thereafter by joining the war against the USSR on Germany's side. Lawrence Parker examines the controversy around the works of Christopher Caudwell, waged in the CPGB's journals between 1948 and 1951, offering an interpretation which does not see it as merely a British reflection of Soviet cultural politics. Finally, Tobias Abse explores two contradictory urges within Italian communism - to be a party of protest or one which aspires to government - and traces how these urges have played out within Rifondazione Comunista.

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