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Cover of Socialist History, No 36

ISBN: 978 1 85489 173 X
ISSN: 0969-4331

Issue 36: Contents

Notes on Contributors

Fidelma Ashe

Gender, Sexuality and Class in Socialist History
Fidelma Ashe

'No Sex, Please, We're Socialists'
The Labour Party prefers to close its eyes and think of the electorate
Lesley A. Hall

(Un)writing Men's (Auto)biography, (Un)writing Men's History
Local, national and transnational perspectives
Jeff Hearn

Peacock Revolution
Mainstreaming queer styles in post-war Britain, 1945-1967
Justin Bengry

Three Songs for Galicia
Memory and gender in the music of Fuxan os Ventos, Luar Na Lubre and Mercedes Peón
Sharif Gemie

Capitalism and working-class acquiescence
Jeffrey Wright

Books to be Remembered


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