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Cover of Socialist History, No 32

ISBN: 978 1 85489 169 3
ISSN: 0969 4331

Issue 32: Contents

Notes on Contributors

Matthew Worley

Communist Activism in Interwar Britain
Motivation, belonging and political religion
Thomas Linehan

'A Good Deal... and a Good Deal More'
Member activity within co-operative societies, 1914-60
Nicole Robertson

A Politics of 'Action'
Philip M. Coupland

Political Culture and the Post-War Labour Party
Values, practices and activism in the South Lewisham Labour Party, 1948-71
Gidon Cohen, Andrew Flinn and Lewis Mates

On the Rise of Wage Labour Relations in England or 'The So-Called Original Accumulation of Capital'
Jörn Janssen

Books to Remember
Edward Hallett Carr, What is History?


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