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Cover of Socialist History, No 28

ISBN: 1 85489 161 8 (pb)
ISSN: 0969 4331

Issue 28: Contents

Notes on Contributors

Allison Drew

The Fascist Regime and the Abyssinian Crisis
Willie Thompson

C.L.R. James and Italy's Conquest of Abyssinia
Christian Hogsbjerg

The Abyssinian Crisis, British Labour and the Fracturing of the Anti-War Movement
Andrew Flinn and Gidon Cohen

A Faraway Country
Abyssinia and the British general election of 1935
David Howell


Who Will Design Lenin's New Suit?
The 2005 Moscow Biennale
Margarita Tupitsyn


Gwynne Lewis, France 1715-1804. Power and the People (David Parker)

David Renton, Sidney Pollard. A Life in History (Mike Haynes)

Dave Harker, Tressell: The Real Story of the Ragged Trousered Philanthropists (Andy Croft)

Norman LaPorte, The German Communist Party in Saxony, 1924-1933: Factionalism, Fratricide and Political Failure (Reiner Tosstorff)

William J. Fishman, East End Jewish Radicals 1875-1914; Rudolf Rocker, The London Years (Ben Birnbaum)

Peter Scholliers and Leonard Schwarz, Experiencing Wages: Social and Cultural Aspects of Wage Forms in Europe Since 1500 (Jörn Janssen)

Joe England, The Wales TUC 1974-2004: Devolution and Industrial Politics (Keith Gildart)

Francis Beckett, Stalin's British Victims (Andrew Thorpe)

Ed Ray, Ramblin' Man: The Life and Times of Woodie Guthrie (Ben Harker)

Moshe Lewin, The Soviet Century (John Callaghan)

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